Pre-Event Workshops for SLT - Stuttering Awareness Day

Pre-Event Workshops for SLT - Stuttering Awareness Day

Special Announcement

Pre-event Workshops for SLTs

Dive deeper, learn directly from leading experts, and elevate your professional practice to new heights!
Ahead of our main conference, we are thrilled to introduce exclusive pre-conference workshops tailored for Speech Therapists in Abu Dhabi! If you're keen on enhancing your hands-on skills and deepening your knowledge in stuttering therapy, these sessions are a must-attend.
W1: “Starting Early? Stuttering Therapy for Preschoolers” SLT Anelise Bohnen
W2: “ Finding Their Voice: Tailored Therapy for School-Aged Children Who Stutter” SLT Anelise Bohnen
W3: “Beyond Basics: Advanced Techniques for Teens and Adults Who Stutter" SLTs Gonçalo Leal & Elsa Marta Soares
Reserve your spot now! Limited Spaces
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